X11 cut (as cut/paste) accuracy

Phi Debian phi.debian at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 19:29:33 UTC 2022

Bonjour Lucien,

Jeez I confused the terminal emulator, you right my xterm seems to work as
you said, but lately I was using terminator or mate-terminal (libvte based)
and I see the behavior on  those, I switch on all those 3 and I generalized
too quickly.

I join a tiny .mkv to display the behavior on a mate-terminal, on this
video I show the following line


That is my prompt, then I try to cut from the 'P' and miss it I cut from
the 'W' then I try to cut from 'W' placing the mouse on the middle of 'W"
again I miss it.

Dunno if you will see the same.
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