X11 cut (as cut/paste) accuracy

Phi Debian phi.debian at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 07:27:22 UTC 2022

I notice the same 'bad' behavior on firefox, but there it provide an hint
may be.

On libvte when clicking  and hold down the mouse button on the middle of a
char there is no feedback so we blindly don't know where the selection will
start, then we drag right and the selection appears on the next char,
giving a feeling of always misssing the selection.

On firefox (any other app of that kind would do the same, I am using mate,
so may be a window manger feature, so synaptic search form would behave as
firefox), this is different, inea FORM input field when clicking on the
middle of a char like 'W" and holding down the button, the text cursor
(thin vertical bar) goes where the selection will start, and on right part
of a char, it goes on the right side of the char (instead of the left),
then we miss the selection as with libvte, yet we know we will miss it :)
in all case it is annoying, and I am amazed that the good old Xterm is the
only one to perform normally :) I needed terminator for the mutiple term
and broadcast feature, but I will get back to xterm as much as I can.

So back to square one where would be the best hack candidate to solve
firefox et al along with libvte to get the selection right ?

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