Something is keeping my X awake

martin f krafft madduck at
Thu Jul 21 20:00:43 UTC 2022

Hey there,

On my Thinkpad T490, something is keeping the display awake such 
that XScreensaver will not lock the machine, and DPMS will never let 
the screen turn off.

There are lots of suspects, with the trackpad, the nipple, and a 
Lenovo wireless keyboard&mouse attached. However, even after I 
unplug the wireless receiver, and disable the trackpad and nipple 
with `xinput disable …`, the machine will *not* rest.

I've ruled out that this is a problem with XScreensaver. I mean, 
maybe it is, but after I lock it manually, it just keeps 
interrupting with the password prompt, as if e.g. the mouse was 
moved or a key pressed.

At this stage I am wondering what tool there's availeble to me that 
could shed some light on this. I've tried `xev`, but there are no 
events whatsoever.

I'd appreciate any hints!!


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