[Clipart] clipart.freedesktop.org and OpenOffice.org

Chad cws456456 at aol.com
Thu Apr 8 15:44:16 PDT 2004

bryce at bryceharrington.com wrote:


>start collecting items for a todo list, like...
>0.  Project Initiation
>   * Establish an IRC channel and get together informally
>   * Set up wiki with access for clipart participants
>   * Get access to a web server for posting static web pages
>   * Review/revise this todo list
First question, why did you start with 0 instead of 1?

Here's an IRC - irc.freenode.net/#openclipart.org

>1.  Make First Clipart Package
>   * Collect a couple dozen random SVG imgs useful as clipart
>   * Write a README for the package
>   * Add the public domain license to the package
>   * Tarball the package

And we can't use SVG.  OOo doesn't support them.

>2.  Website
>   * Write a basic homepage
>   * Write a preliminary FAQ
>   * Create a download page
>   * Create a preliminary screenshots page
>   * Identify other pages to work on making in the future
This isn't an actual website, it's just a JPG, but maybe it could look 
something like this?


>3.  Packaging Format Decision
>   * Explore if existing drawing apps have a packaging format we could
>     reuse. 
>   * Review the example package & discuss better packaging approaches
>   * Decide metadata to include per package & create an example file
>   * Write a brief HOWTO for the package creation process
>4.  Clipart Push
>   * Start collections of clipart for 3 different categories
>     (examples:  animals, vehicles, fruit & vegetables)
>   * Collect 12+ items for three categories of clipart
>   * Create screenshots using some of the clipart & post on website
>5.  Future Planning
>   * Consider web-based upload tools (WebDAV? DMS/CMS?)
>   * Set up a way to capture & track requests
>   * Identify next set of milestones

>Initially it'd probably be fine to allow individual svg file downloads,
>however I think as the quantity of items grows, that may become a bit of
>a hassle for users.  Grouping things in packages has some organizational
>benefits for us as a project, as well (an explanation of this I wrote is
>in the archive somewhere).
If this is going to work with OpenOffice.org SVG's are out of the 
question.  OOo just doesn't recognize them.

Great, well-thoughtout plan, Bryce.  Thank you very much.

-Chad Smith


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