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Jonathan Phillips jon at rejon.org
Thu Apr 8 15:22:21 PDT 2004

Also, don't forget I started collecting some information here:


This sounds like a great roadmap for the project thus far and in
coordination with the content from the inkscape wiki section, will allow
us to fill out the wiki a bit to give us a starting point.

We also have to come up with a name for the project, which I'm confident
will happen in the initiation milestone.

Thx for your push bryce...now if we can get it on a wiki. Ted my account
on the wiki is: 

   * Name: Jon Phillips
   * Wiki Name: JonPhillips
   * Email: jon at protofunk.org

so that I can get access enough.

Then, the location of our web space for the project will be nice. I
think we should play fair with the freedesktop project and hop on
irc.freenode.net as #clipart for the time being. I am hopping in there
now. It seems that freedesktop.org uses freenode for their
communications as well as cairo and several other projects


On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 13:52, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, David Illsley wrote:
> > Well I have some web and xml experience, and I'm willing to learn a bit 
> > if necessary. Obviously it all depends a bit on what it is decided 
> > needs done.
> *Nod*  Okay, maybe we should just start by discussing what might need
> doing, and start collecting items for a todo list, like...
> 0.  Project Initiation
>    * Establish an IRC channel and get together informally
>    * Set up wiki with access for clipart participants
>    * Get access to a web server for posting static web pages
>    * Review/revise this todo list
> 1.  Make First Clipart Package
>    * Collect a couple dozen random SVG imgs useful as clipart
>    * Write a README for the package
>    * Add the public domain license to the package
>    * Tarball the package
> 2.  Website
>    * Write a basic homepage
>    * Write a preliminary FAQ
>    * Create a download page
>    * Create a preliminary screenshots page
>    * Identify other pages to work on making in the future
> 3.  Packaging Format Decision
>    * Explore if existing drawing apps have a packaging format we could
>      reuse. 
>    * Review the example package & discuss better packaging approaches
>    * Decide metadata to include per package & create an example file
>    * Write a brief HOWTO for the package creation process
> 4.  Clipart Push
>    * Start collections of clipart for 3 different categories
>      (examples:  animals, vehicles, fruit & vegetables)
>    * Collect 12+ items for three categories of clipart
>    * Create screenshots using some of the clipart & post on website
> 5.  Future Planning
>    * Consider web-based upload tools (WebDAV? DMS/CMS?)
>    * Set up a way to capture & track requests
>    * Identify next set of milestones
> > I don't know what kind of packaging format is required - I had imagined 
> > downloadable individual svg files (from some kind of page with a 
> > description and maybe a rasterised thumbnail) to keep it simple to get 
> > an individual image - as well as some kind of tarball with metadata - 
> > ideally filenames would give a good idea of the file content.
> Initially it'd probably be fine to allow individual svg file downloads,
> however I think as the quantity of items grows, that may become a bit of
> a hassle for users.  Grouping things in packages has some organizational
> benefits for us as a project, as well (an explanation of this I wrote is
> in the archive somewhere).
> Bryce
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