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Alan Horkan horkana at maths.tcd.ie
Mon Apr 12 11:13:07 PDT 2004

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Bryce Harrington wrote:


> > Nonetheless, this is an example of how one could list the images and author
> > names.  There should be a text box at the top where the user can search for
> > author names.  I just haven't figured how to do that part of the GUI.
> Instead of listing the author name and email address, how about listing
> the title and author name (but not the email address)?  I think for some
> artists, having a way for the public to reach them is great, but others
> are going to be more worried about getting spammed.  ;-)

A bigger issue than being spammed is that email addresses are not
permanent but the clipart files will very likely be around for a long time
and we will have no way to go back later and change the address.
Same goes for including links to websites with the clipart.  As much as
possible we should point to just the one place, the one we can reasonably
control and make reliable and that is  OpenClipart.org and if we can
provide a current contact list of the authors so much the better.

Not inlcuding email address helps future proof the metadata.

- Alan

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