[Clipart] Our future logo

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.com
Mon Apr 12 18:02:30 PDT 2004

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Chad wrote:
> How about an open door?
> Get it, "Open"?
> Or do you think the association between doors and windows is too strong.

You're right that the doors and windows theme is pretty overused in open
source.  Might be nice to have something which emphasized the 'clipart'
or at least 'art' part of the name, since that's what's unique here.
Or maybe a combination of the two?  A fruit basket in front of an open
doorway?  Maybe with a 'FREE' placard out front?
> the mixed fruit idea has links to "apple" so they are both not without 
> association

True, though a basket of fruit will have a completely different
context.  In any case, there's plenty of non-apple fruits to pick.  ;-)

Here's some still life artwork...





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