[Clipart] Clipart Installer - GUI

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Mon Apr 12 21:54:24 PDT 2004

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

 > A installer could be useful. But I want to make sure that the images (SVG
 > and others) are available as simple tarballs too. That way package
 > maintainers (like for pkgsrc, FreeBSD ports, et cetera) can offer
 > ready-to-use clipart packages.

Sure, why not.  To be fair, this installer is not meant to be universal, or 
even "the" main installer.  The target audience is mostly OpenOffice users. 
  Part of the motivations behind the installer are:

  1) Make it easy for OOo users to install clipart, templates and macros.
  2) Give visibility to artists and authors so as to encourage them to 

OOo has a very large user base, and it is growing fast (20-30 million).  I 
think that we can capitalize on this.  If there is an OOo installer that 
gives visibility to artists, they might be encouraged to contribute as a way 
to reach more potential customers or employers.

A third goal is to try to make the installer useful to the users of other 
programs (e.g. Inkscape, Sodipodi, KOffice).  I don't know if this will be 
feasible, but I would like it to happen.

A fourth and last goal is that I want to encourage cooperation between the 
OOo and Mozilla projects.  The installer uses the Moz platform.  If it goes 
well, it might generate interest in Moz from the OOo community.  Some of us 
are in contact with the Moz community and are interested in finding ways in 
which we can cooperate.  It would be great if some day there were a sort of 
partnership between these two projects.

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