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Jonathan Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Apr 13 02:11:27 PDT 2004

please post this type of thing to the wiki...make a page for
clients/interfaces to the repository and possibly name yours on a
separate page with these goals...

By doing this, then others can edit and comment on these thoughts. Great
ideas btw :)


On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 21:54, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
>  > A installer could be useful. But I want to make sure that the images (SVG
>  > and others) are available as simple tarballs too. That way package
>  > maintainers (like for pkgsrc, FreeBSD ports, et cetera) can offer
>  > ready-to-use clipart packages.
> Sure, why not.  To be fair, this installer is not meant to be universal, or 
> even "the" main installer.  The target audience is mostly OpenOffice users. 
>   Part of the motivations behind the installer are:
>   1) Make it easy for OOo users to install clipart, templates and macros.
>   2) Give visibility to artists and authors so as to encourage them to 
> contribute.
> OOo has a very large user base, and it is growing fast (20-30 million).  I 
> think that we can capitalize on this.  If there is an OOo installer that 
> gives visibility to artists, they might be encouraged to contribute as a way 
> to reach more potential customers or employers.
> A third goal is to try to make the installer useful to the users of other 
> programs (e.g. Inkscape, Sodipodi, KOffice).  I don't know if this will be 
> feasible, but I would like it to happen.
> A fourth and last goal is that I want to encourage cooperation between the 
> OOo and Mozilla projects.  The installer uses the Moz platform.  If it goes 
> well, it might generate interest in Moz from the OOo community.  Some of us 
> are in contact with the Moz community and are interested in finding ways in 
> which we can cooperate.  It would be great if some day there were a sort of 
> partnership between these two projects.
> Cheers,

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