[Clipart] a few things

Jonathan Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sun Apr 18 20:47:38 PDT 2004

1. Hello, I'm posting a few logo designs that my friend Neil Stuber did
up on the site here: http://freedesktop.org/Software/LogoDiscussion
Please comment on that page and here about the designs. He is very
receptive to commentary.

2. WEBSITE: Here is how you use CVS and the website module clipart_web
to edit the current website:
http://freedesktop.org/Software/OCAPWebsiteUpdating I spent most of
today putting this together, so please check it out, make comments and
edit content. We need many things still for the website and project. We
need to come up with a project summary and some other bits of text.

3. We need to figure out how to track feature requests, bugs, and users
for the feature to check out our stats. Using sourceforge for these
things is an option, but I think it might be better to explore our own

4. What other affiliates should we seek out for this project? I think
this is integral for this project. We are already allied with OO.o,
Inkscape, and SodiPodi. Maybe we should get an alliance with GIMP,
SCRIBUS, and other projects to bolster this projects community and
content still further.




Jon Phillips
Graduate Researcher
Visual Arts Department

PO BOX 948667

jon at rejon.org

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