[Clipart] a few things

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Sun Apr 18 20:52:40 PDT 2004

Jonathan Phillips wrote:

> 3. We need to figure out how to track feature requests, bugs, and users
> for the feature to check out our stats. Using sourceforge for these
> things is an option, but I think it might be better to explore our own
> options.

Implementing something like BugZilla would be very difficult.  Is there any 
reason not to use whatevr SF provides?

> 4. What other affiliates should we seek out for this project? I think
> this is integral for this project. We are already allied with OO.o,
> Inkscape, and SodiPodi. Maybe we should get an alliance with GIMP,
> SCRIBUS, and other projects to bolster this projects community and
> content still further.
> Thoughts?

I was thinking of the KDE and Gnome people.  Specifically KOffice.  I guess 
it's good to find anyone who could *use* clipart.

Chad has a contact with a teach whom, I understand, is interested in making 
clipart donatinos part of her curriculum.  We could seek out some schools 
that are willing to do something like that.

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