[Clipart] Re: Clipart Installer - GUI

Colin Charles byte at aeon.com.my
Mon Apr 19 09:51:08 PDT 2004

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 21:48:51 -0400, Daniel Carrera wrote:

> So, what I'm thinking is that each clipart will have the following 
> associated with it:
>    *  Image name.
>    *  Author name.
>    *  License (in case we decide to add more options later).
>    *  Author contact (although the installer won't use this).
>    *  Date (???)
> Does that look reasonable?  Am I missing anything?

This being something for end users to use, I can't but help to tell you
that something like the license bit there becomes very irrelevant - most
users don't want to know what license clipart is being released

GPL'ing clipart is also a big mistake, but this is a license issue (I
think we've mentioned some of this on the OOo lists) - no one wants their
documents GPLed just because they've used some GPL-styled clipart

Keeping such license information there clutters the UI - maybe a button to
click, and on click, you get the license information?

Colin Charles, byte at aeon.com.my

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