[Clipart] Clipart Installer - GUI

Tobias Jakobs tobias.jakobs at web.de
Tue Apr 13 13:26:11 PDT 2004

Am Di, den 13.04.2004 schrieb Daniel Carrera um 3:48: 
> Hi all,
> I have been working on the GUI interface for the clipart installer.  I was 
> hoping that some of you could take a look at some screenshots and offer some 
> feedback:
> http://www.math.umd.edu/~dcarrera/oooplus/
> As you can see, I re-did the GUI from scratch.  This new proposal is 
> "inspired" by Tobias' suggestion.  But it uses tabs to fit in all the 
> functionality which (I hope) the installer will have.
Looks nice ;-).

> Notice the contents of the Search tab.  Does that look reasonable?  Are 
> there any other search criteria that you think we should add?
I don't like the idea of an extra Search tab. I would suggest a small
search field (like in iTunes) on every tab and a button for advanced
The search results can then be grouped in the treeview. Please look at
my mokup.

> It's better to figure this out now, before we start getting clipart comming 
> in.  Because all this metadata will have to be stored in the server for 
> every clipart image we get.
> So, what I'm thinking is that each clipart will have the following 
> associated with it:
>    *  Image name.
>    *  Author name.
>    *  License (in case we decide to add more options later).
>    *  Author contact (although the installer won't use this).
>    *  Date (???)
Perhaps something like:

* Comment/long description
* Part of/Group 

MfG Tobias
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