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Sigmascape1 at cs.com Sigmascape1 at cs.com
Mon Apr 19 12:46:28 PDT 2004

>On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Jonathan Phillips wrote:
>> On Sun, 2004-04-18 at 20:52, Daniel Carrera wrote:
>> > Jonathan Phillips wrote:
>> > 
>> > 
>> > > 3. We need to figure out how to track feature requests, bugs, and users
>> > > for the feature to check out our stats. Using sourceforge for these
>> > > things is an option, but I think it might be better to explore our own
>> > > options.
>> > 
>> > Implementing something like BugZilla would be very difficult.  Is there any 
>> > reason not to use whatevr SF provides?
>> Maybe there are other alternatives as well? SF.net is flaky. Maybe it is
>> time to jump into other endeavours. Plus, our repository is going to be
>> HUGE in size!
>Also, we had put in a project request to Sourceforge for this project at
>the outset, and it was not accepted because it was too different from a
>software project for them.

I've had similar issues with SF. SF is really great, but they don't like content-based projects. As mentioned earlier, the bandwidth can become a big problem for them. It's too bad though. The collaborative tools associated with SF would be great for this project and similar projects. Isn't there a way to hook up with some university? I've seen so many redundant, goofy stuff of various university sites. It seems like such a wonderful, open concept as this would be a great match for a university or a series of universities.

Last week, I wrote this list about finding a free place to deposit my content. It's hard. Maybe a letter-writing effort can be developed, aimed at companies that would benefit directly from a repository of open, liberally licensed content... maybe a Lindows (linspire), Mandrake, Novell/SuSE. There are lots of commercial Linux distributions that could use this sort of common resource. Possibly, all of these companies and more could set-up something for free clipart/content.


Mitch Featherston

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