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Jonathan Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon Apr 19 00:37:29 PDT 2004

The thing about all these different systems is the different username
and passwords and locations needed to change some other things.


Bryce, I totally trust your judgment in this area.

I will add the affiliation email to the things to do, but might wait
till we get a firm release out the door.


On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 00:21, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Jonathan Phillips wrote:
> > 1. Hello, I'm posting a few logo designs that my friend Neil Stuber did
> > up on the site here: http://freedesktop.org/Software/LogoDiscussion
> > Please comment on that page and here about the designs. He is very
> > receptive to commentary.
> Very nice looking logos, although none of them really suggest "clipart"
> to me. I like the play off of the CreativeCommons logo, that's a good
> idea.  It might be preferable if the logo to use the term "Open Clip
> Art" rather than the abbreviation OCAP, since the former will better
> identify the project as providing clipart.
> > 2. WEBSITE: Here is how you use CVS and the website module clipart_web
> > to edit the current website:
> > http://freedesktop.org/Software/OCAPWebsiteUpdating I spent most of
> > today putting this together, so please check it out, make comments and
> > edit content. We need many things still for the website and project. We
> > need to come up with a project summary and some other bits of text.
> I made a brief project summary and fleshed out the FAQ a tad.  It'd be
> nice if someone else could help fill in the rest of the FAQ or at least
> suggest some questions for it.
> > 3. We need to figure out how to track feature requests, bugs, and users
> > for the feature to check out our stats. Using sourceforge for these
> > things is an option, but I think it might be better to explore our own
> > options.
> It would definitely be better for us to find our own option.  
> In doing a quick scan of Freshmeat, this one looked interesting... what
> do you think?
>    http://www.electricmonk.nl/index.php?page=PROMS
> > 4. What other affiliates should we seek out for this project? I think
> > this is integral for this project. We are already allied with OO.o,
> > Inkscape, and SodiPodi. Maybe we should get an alliance with GIMP,
> > SCRIBUS, and other projects to bolster this projects community and
> > content still further.
> Yes, also AbiWord, some of the larger presentation apps, and perhaps
> some of the other SVG editors (Sketch, etc.)
> Bryce

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