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Jonathan Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon Apr 26 12:15:36 PDT 2004

My personal goal is to write a paper and give a presentation at this
conference about this project. Does anyone want to help me do so? I
wonder if they offset costs of travel for the conference.

I originally wanted to submit a paper about Inkscape, but I think it
might be more interesting to submit a presentation of this project which
I believe might impact SVG's usage and adoption quicker.

Anyone want to help and get a trip to Japan?


--Forwarded Message-- 
> From: Jun Fujisawa <fujisawa.jun at canon.co.jp>
> To: W3C SVG <www-svg at w3.org>
> Subject: SVG Open 2004 - Deadline Extension
> Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 18:10:22 +0900
> Hello W3C SVG list members,
> It is not too late for you to submit a paper abstract or course proposal for
> the SVG Open 2004. Looking forward to meet many of you at Tokyo!
> * * * * *
> SVG Open 2004, the 3rd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics will
> be held September 7-10, 2004 at Keio University, Japan, on the Mita Campus
> in Tokyo. The submission deadline for a paper abstract has now been extended
> to May 7, 2004. Also, you can use online registration system to submit your
> proposal for a course or exhibition. For full details on the conference,
> tune your Browser to the conference Web site:
>      http://www.svgopen.org/
> At this third international SVG Open conference, this is your chance to
> discuss development experience, products, workflows and strategies
> involving SVG. The conference language is English; translation facilities
> will be available to encourage English-Japanese communication.
> Presenters are asked to submit an extended abstract, in English, (approx.
> 400 to 800 words) by May 7, 2004 in XHTML 1.1 format. The abstracts are
> reviewed by a reviewing committee and presenters informed about acceptance
> on or before June 4, 2004.
> If your abstract is accepted, then you will be asked to submit your full
> paper and your presentation slides by July 16, 2004 according to
> instructions that will be sent to you. Accepted abstracts, papers and
> presentations will be published on the conference CD and Web proceedings.
> Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an exciting World Wide Web Consortium
> (W3C) open standard enabling high-quality, dynamic, interactive, stylable
> graphics to be delivered over the Web using accessible, human-readable XML.
> SVG can be delivered to mobile phones, PDAs, and desktop computers.
> At the SVG Open 2004 Conference you will have the opportunity to learn
> about the SVG standard, how to use it to create effective and compelling
> Web content, techniques for developing SVG software solutions, and the
> latest developments from the W3C. You will meet the authors of the SVG
> specifications and the creators of SVG applications in person, and you
> will have the opportunity to provide your own input for future
> development. At the SVG Open 2004 Exhibition, you will get a chance to
> see the newest SVG applications and tools at work, and you will hear early
> announcements of upcoming SVG product releases. SVG Open 2004 courses will
> enlighten you on SVG, XML and related standards, graphic design and Web
> application design. Courses will be available at both introductory and
> advanced levels, in order to serve the needs of all conference attendees.
> The conference will be of interest to people who are:
> - Software developers
> - Web and UI designers
> - Web application developers
> - Graphic artists
> - Creators of database-driven content and applications
> - Creators of mobile computing solutions
> - Specialists in Geographic Information Systems, Computer-Aided
>    Design, modelling, publishing, multimedia and other fields involving
>    professional graphics
> - Creators and users of data visualization solutions, including
>    business charting, scientific graphing, schematics, maps, etc.
> The conference is an SVG community project hosted by Keio University
> (http://www.keio.ac.jp/) and Canon, Inc. (http://www.canon.com/).
> The conference is sponsored by the World Wide Web Consortium
> (http://www.w3.org).
> For conference program and exhibition and sponsorship inquiries, please
> e-mail the organizers (team-svgopen-jp at w3.org).


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