[Clipart] Clipart installers WAS: check it

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Thu Apr 29 07:47:41 PDT 2004

fenix at theopencd.net wrote:
> Well, well. The idea of multi-platform installer is unique for me !!! it's 
> brilliant. Maybe it's possible to extend MakeSelf to run under Windows in the 
> far future???

only if Windows can run sh shell scripts and have available tar and gzip 
- no chance... (MakeSelf uses these tools, which are already installed 
on all *NIX flavors)

> In the near future, maybe I can build a simple installer for Windows platform.

probably this is the only way: native installers

> I own a Windows XP box, and I have InnoSetup, which is an OSS tool for Windows 
> installers.

if we want to interactively produce those installers on the web servers, 
we need something running on the server.
the fd.o webserver is running Linux. can InnoSetup be used on Linux 
under WINE? can be used with command line options passed from php?


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