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fenix at theopencd.net fenix at theopencd.net
Thu Apr 29 21:34:39 PDT 2004

> > Also, if a user selects this and does not have metadata embedded in
> > their image, then it will allow us to go back in and add it.
> > 
> > One question, so far we are making metadata at the uppermost level of an
> > SVG. Shouldn't metadata be explicitly linked to an image so that if it
> > is copied and pasted, that metadata is copied with the graphic?
> Yeah, but this is going to be highly application-specific.  E.g., we
> might be able to get Inkscape to behave this way but we've no idea what
> other apps might do.
I think there is NO real way to secure metadata on users hard disks, once it's 
PNG, *but* maybe if the sister project - the automatic OpenOffice downloader 
(by Daniel Carrera) knows how to handle metadata, it will be supported by 
OpenOffice, which is great already.


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