[Clipart] Open Clip Art Library - Release 0.06

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> Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> writes:
>> I also noticed that certain images have too many keywords, but
>> didn't have time to address that.
> Leave the keywords on them unless they're inappropriate for the image.
> Ultimately we won't be making a copy of the image for each keyword the
> image has, because we'll only be grabbing images that have the
> keywords corresponding to the categories in the heirarchy XML, or
> something like that.  Extra keywords may facilitate searching.

Agree....I don't think we should tamper too much with people's own keywords.

>> I don't know what we should do in the future - include duplicates
>> (probably, but hogs space),
> I think we should include duplicates, but not for _every_ keyword an
> image has, only for the ones that correspond to categories -- and even
> then not if the image also has a keyword that gets it listed in one of
> the _subcategories_ of that category.  So, a dolphin image would be
> copied under "Mammals" and under "Fish" probably, but *not* also under
> the overall "Animals" directory.


>> use symlinks (would only work on *nix),
> We could produce separate packages for the major platforms.  Far down
> the road, envision a downloads page containing this excerpt...
> Download Open Clip Art Library 4.7, English Language heirarchy, with
> thumbnails:
>  * for Microsoft systems:  EXE installer.
>  * for RPM-based Linux systems:  RPM package.
>  * for Mac OS X: DMG disk image.
>  * for POSIX systems:  ZIP package.
>    (Your filesystem must support symbolic links.)
>  * for POSIX systems:  gzipped tarball. (No symlinks.)
>  * for Mozilla OfficeBird: XPI extension.
>  * for the Parrot Operating System:  PAR archive, images
>    and toolkit (requires Perl 6.2 or higher).
> Well, okay, I got carried away there.  But anyway, we could provide a
> package with symbolic links for people who can use it as well as one
> with duplicates instead.

Remember, we have only been doing packages per release to get the ball 
rolling. In reality, our system will probably go completely network 
installer based in the future (no more tangible media!), and even still, 
there is no reason we can't generate a million different journeys through 
the library. More importantly, allow users to build their own packages and 
allow them to decided about the copying of the same content into multiple 
folders....but, yes, this is all a little further out.


>> select which dirs appear in a package,
> Yeah, that's what the XML heirarchies are about.  Not every keyword
> should have a directory, I think, and the Yorkshire Terrier doesn't
> need to be under Animals and also under Dogs separately, because if
> the XML heirarchy says that Dogs is a subcategory of Animals it can go
> under Animals/Dogs instead.
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