[Clipart] Inclusion of copyrighted logo in your library

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Mon Sep 19 12:29:46 PDT 2005

Name: Ton Roosendaal
E-mail: ton at blender.org

Hi Open Clipart,

Although I really welcome initiatives like this, there's also the
danger people will use the library in ways that might harm others...
recently a Blender user found out one of your clipart users is
abusing the Blender logo.


They claim it's public domain, and licensed by you... now I can't
browse your database at the moment, but the clipart looks like the
icon as in use as icon in many Linux Desktops right now. No problem
with that, for as long it points to the Blender software. But this is
a bit too much freedom...

Blender is a EU registered trademark, and the logo is copyrighted.
The Blender Foundation reserves the right to give permission for
usage. Would it be possible you find this icon, and remove it, or add
a copyright note to it?

Best regards,

Ton Roosendaal
Blender Foundation

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