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> From: Roan Horning <roan at horning.us>
> To: cctools-cchost at lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Cctools-cchost] adding svg to getID3
> Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 08:09:16 -0400
> Hi,
> To help move Open Clip Art Libarary to ccHost, I've started working on 
> adding svg support to getID3. (Thanks Nicu for pointing to previous 
> work/discussion threads on this).
> After thinking about what information should be captured and looking at 
> the structure of getID3, the svg specification, and the Creative Commons 
> specification for their rdf info, here are my initial thoughts on coding:
> 1) we need an XML parser library/class which will allow use to parse the 
> file, grab chunks of info , and output chunks of info in various formats 
> (arrays, xml, etc.)  I think it should be maintained in it's own file, 
> so any other xml based image/animation/document formats can take 
> advantage of it. I've been searching around the web for pre-written 
> code. I've found some and I am currently learning to use them.  I'm 
> calling this file:  parse.xml.php
>  From what I've read php5 comes with more built in classes for dealing 
> with xml, so maybe this file can be deprecated with the 2.x series of 
> getID3.
> 2) I see the Creative Commons information falling into the category of 
> tags. In keeping with the modular style of getID3, I think the Creative 
> Commons rdf handling should be in its own tags module.  To keep with the 
> getID3 naming scheme, I'm calling this file: module.tags.cc.php (perhaps 
> it should be module.tags.creative_commons.php)
> 3) we need a working module.graphic.svg.php. The information this module 
> returns:
>             $ThisFileInfo['fileformat']                  = 
> 'svg';          //standard getID3 info
>             $ThisFileInfo['image']['dataformat']  = 'svg';         
> //standard getID3 info
>             $ThisFileInfo['image']['lossless']        = true;          
> //standard getID3 info
>     svg { //the following are attributes of the svg tag that may be 
> useful to read
>         version  //numeral version of svg used
>         width    //overall width of image--standard getID3 info
>         height   //overall height of image--standard getID3 info
>         title      //this is used for programs which don't render the 
> svg -- for example text browsers
>         desc     //description, this is used for programs which don't 
> render the svg -- for example text browsers
>     creative commons info {  information to read and write
>           title of the work   //This is where inkscape puts the title of 
> the artwork
>           description           This is where inkscape puts the 
> description of the artwork
>           creator                 //creator of the work
>           publisher              //for OCAL should this be set to "Open 
> Clip Art Library"?
>           keywords             //from the rdf:Bag li tags
>           license                 //for OCAL this must be Public Domain
>           contributors        //people or work which helped create this work
>           date                     //typically used for copyright date, 
> or for OCAL date entered into public domain
>           format                 //for svg this is image/svg+xml
>           type                     //for svg this is image
> 4) It looks like some modification to the getid3.php and getid3.lib.php 
> will also be needed to include svg support.
> I'm open to any questions/suggestions. If any one else is currently 
> working on this, please let me know so we can compare notes.
> Thanks,
> Roan
> Reference links:
> w3.org svg tag description: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/struct.html#SVGElement
> Creative Commons rdf information: 
> http://creativecommons.org/technology/metadata/implement#learn
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