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Would anyone like to co-author this article with me? I can help provide
guidance, editing, write, if someone wants an in into this writing

Anyone? Please contact me offlist to discuss...


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> From: Phil Hughes <fyl at a42.com>
> To: jon at rejon.org
> Subject: Inkscape article?
> Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:08:05 -0600
> Hi Jon:
> I have attached a generic message I have been sending out for
> something special we are doing for TUX. But, I wanted to talk to you
> about something specific. 
> I would like to have a very targeted HowTo article on Inkscape. That
> is, not learning it generically but how to make something specific.
> It could be a greeting card, beer bottle label, ... I would prefer
> something you are interested in as long as it could be of generic
> interest to TUX and TUX-like readers.
> Interested? Have any ideas?
> Thanks.
> Dear TUX Author/Friend of TUX:
> TUX is putting together a "bookazine". Yes, that is an industry term.
> It means a fat magazine with a multi-month life on store shelves. We
> are doing this to help promote TUX. 
> This first one (we will likely consider this annually) with be "Linux
> Desktop Tricks". This will not differ significantly from the normal
> TUX how-to style other than some articles will be more focused. That
> is, rather than "Learning to Use X", many will be "Doing Y with X".
> We also assume the same user profile: KDE desktop users.
> TUX has been full of "you can get this here" or "included in most
> major distributions". For this special edition, while we want to be
> generic, we also want to offer one concrete starting point.
> Authors should assume the following configuration:
>  * Dapper Drake default DVD install
>  * Sources list updated to activate all the repositories that were in
>    the file but not "turned on"
> What this means is:
>  * If the program is included in the default DVD install, the article
>    needs to say nothing about getting the software.
>  * If the program is on the DVD or in any of the Kubuntu-supplied
>    repositories but not installed by default, just state that.
>  * If the program is not in one of these standard repositories,
>    include the line(s) that must be added to the sources.list file so
>    Adept can get the software.
>  * If there is no place to get the package using Adept, include where
>    to find it. (Hopefully, we will have virtually zero of these.)
> The magazine will include an article that will explain how to update
> the sources list, how to use Adept to do the install and generic
> information on getting the required software if you are starting with
> a different distribution. 
> As for article size, I have this standard answer: as big as is needed
> to tell the story. Now, because it is print we have to be sane. We
> are probably talking 120-130 pages of editorial content for 50
> "Tricks". Some will be very small, some will be quite a few pages.
> So, it is your job to tell me how many pages will be needed to cover
> the subject and it is my job to add up all the articles and figure
> out what we have to do to make them fit.
> Sample Articles
> ---------------
> Articles should be written in a personal way. That is, interacting
> with the reader rather than sounding like the "distant expert". Sample
> articles that have appeared in TUX are:
>   * Wireless Networking with ndiswrapper in TUX #8.
>   * Konquer Your File Management with KIO in Tux #14.
> Articles Needed
> ---------------
> The following is a list of article ideas. If you see a topic you would
> like to write about, please email me. If you have other ideas that you
> feel might fit in, email me about that as well. The "best" email for
> me is fyl at a42.com.
> As for schedule, we will need all the articles by early September.
> But, this is a big project and is an addition to the production
> workload so I need to get most of the material during July and August.
> If you are a regular TUX author, please take that into consideration
> as it is important that we don't detract from TUX with this project.
> 1.  Running your desktop over the Internet (you're traveling and forgot
>     an important file, you need to edit it but the application isn't on
>     your laptop... how to run applications from remote systems)
> 2.  Fancy up your desktop with Mac and Windoze fonts. You already have
>     the fonts on your Windoze machine and want to use them on your Linux
>     machine too, here's how.
> 3.  Display pop-up messages/reminders on top of applications.
> 4.  How to get cool desktop gadgets like weather stations, fancy
>     clocks, etc. using Superkaramba.
> 5.  Using KMyMoney to do ... (You pick but let's target something
>     specific.)
> 6.  Something using groupware. But, we need groupware that works and
>     a TUX reader can understand.
> 7.  Making free calls over the Internet. Skype? Alternatives? Tricks?
> 8.  Access your Mac and Windoze machines from your Linux box (with a
>     Linux VNC server).
> 9.  Something interesting to do with Bluetooth and mobile phones.
> 10. Backing up your data. Pretty open. Keep seems to be sick for me.
>     sbackup? Or ...
> 11. Working with RSS feeds. What they are, why you care and using
>     probably Akregator to play with them.
> 12. How fast is your connection. (Looking for something KDE-ish or at
>     least GUI-ish here.)
> 13. Configuring Kmail with GPG.
> 14. Setting up procmail.
> 15. ISO editing (with Kiso?)
> 16. Video conferencing (if we can get a solution for an average TUX
>     reader). Note that Kopete will be covered in an article. The
>     trick is talking to a camera without having to tell people to
>     download and compile code.
> 17. Using Katapult. What is it, what it will do for you.
> 18. Dealing with SPAM. I plan to have an article "X ways to deal with
>     SPAM". Feel free to offer your suggestions but, remember, we don't
>     want to be geek here.
> 19. Education-related articles. We will likely have articles about
>     KWordQuiz, Kig and KmPlot but you are welcome to offer specific ideas
>     here.
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