[Clipart] More XML, please

Florent Monnier fmonnier at linux-nantes.fr.eu.org
Thu Jul 27 00:34:08 PDT 2006

> > Could it be possible to have more XML interfaces too.
> > I have currently started a website whose goal is to index all kind of
> > Free creations released under all kind of Free licences. So on my
> > todo-list I have to do the main web-sites of that cathegory (gnuart.net,
> > openphoto.net, flickr.com, artlibre.org, ...). Most often there are no
> > XML, or the XML is partial, so I have to make scripts. So the more XML
> > you will provide, the more I will be happy :-) one XML per file with all
> > the related infos and meta-datas, plus XML for the index would be
> > appreciated.
> If you follow this list, you probably know we intend to migrate to a new
> backend for the website, ccHost,
yes, and most often the best moment for feature requests is when there are 
active changes currently done :)

>                                , which among other benefits provides RSS
> feeds for a lot of things, one of them being latest uploads. (not sure,
> but I believe the entire collection can be accessed with RSS).
> As for wanting one XML per file, why do you want this? SVG *is* XML...

I mean XML with informations about the file, for exemple containing
its author's name, its release date, its title, its url, the different 
cathegories it belongs to, its keywords, its popularity, etc...

On other websites there are RDF and/or RSS, but it doesn't contain all the 
informations i can get with a web-crawler script to browse the web-sites...


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