[Clipart] More XML, please

Roan Horning roan at horning.us
Thu Jul 27 09:20:26 PDT 2006

Dear Florent,

The following url shows the Creative Commons (CC) suggested method for
embedding CC license meta-data within html, xhtml, and xml files in general:


The svg specification has a <metadata> tag defined:

OpenClipArt.org follows the CC guidelines for embedding meta-data for
their web pages (which are xhtml) and for the svg clip art files.  For
the keywords of web pages we also use the html tag <meta name="keywords"
...>. On web pages in general , we use the <meta name="..."
content="..."> tag to embed various other meta-data about the page.

 From a technical standpoint, you should be able to use an xml parser to
find whatever meta-data is available in both the html and svg files.
This does mean you have to tailor your scripts for the openclipart.org
site, but once you figure it out for one html page and one svg file, the
rest will give up their meta-data quietly :)

How much and how consistent the meta-data provided is--they are
different questions. Perhaps this is what you mean?


Florent Monnier wrote:
>>> Could it be possible to have more XML interfaces too.
>>> I have currently started a website whose goal is to index all kind of
>>> Free creations released under all kind of Free licences. So on my
>>> todo-list I have to do the main web-sites of that cathegory (gnuart.net,
>>> openphoto.net, flickr.com, artlibre.org, ...). Most often there are no
>>> XML, or the XML is partial, so I have to make scripts. So the more XML
>>> you will provide, the more I will be happy :-) one XML per file with all
>>> the related infos and meta-datas, plus XML for the index would be
>>> appreciated.

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