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Patricia patricia.fidi01 at laposte.net
Fri Jul 28 03:38:48 PDT 2006

Hi Alan,

This is why in the opensource world people prefer to have a discussion
of what someone else have done. Nobody think to have a better idea than
For example : you may add your message in the discussion section of the
SVG tools and wait for opinions of people.
You may also edit the page and after that, people have a discussion with
you : yes or no it's a good point here and here... Someone may revert
your page and then it will be your turn to say yes or no, etc. Revert
war is really not in the spirit of wiki.

I answer now to your question. I've been many years under windows.
Installing plugins in Opera is really not easy and less spread than
firefox. I didn't erase opera, it was not in the list. And you know for
the moment I do as faster as I can. I can't stop and have long thinking
or discussion like in your message for each page for the moment. In next
days, it will be easier for me.

The best solution if you don't want to add plugin it's to use firefox
because it's already implemented. In opera and IE you have to add the
plugin. There is still people who don't know and have never add a plugin
on their browser.

Don't hesitate to help the community and do as you feel. I would be
happy if may generate a discussion !


Alan Horkan a écrit :
> On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, ryan lerch wrote:
> [...]
>> * Patricia also made the SVG tools page (
>> http://www.openclipart.org/wiki/index.php/SVG_Tools) nice and pretty with
>> tables and colours, rather than the boring list that it was previously....
> I have a few problems witht that page.  How much of a problem depends on
> what the goals of OpenClipart are.
> Is promoting an the SVG standard or promoting Free and Open Source
> Software more important to Openclipart?  You can of course do both but
> only optimize for one thing so priorities need to be made clearer so we
> can all work from the same plan.
> http://www.openclipart.org/wiki/index.php/SVG_Tools
> "#  Mozilla Firefox [...] SVG already implemented. The best solution!"
> I understand people want to promote their favourite browser but that is a
> very subjective description.
> In terms of best rendering of SVG the Adobe and Batik viewers have always
> been highly rated by the Inkscape developers.  Unless things have changed
> dramatically recently Firefox does not have the best rendering compared to
> other viewers.  In the long run Firefox+SVG has the potential to offer a
> much more tightly integrated platform but for now that is only wishful
> thinking.  There may be various things Firefox is best at but SVG and
> openclipart do
> The selection of software listed seems rather an odd mix, Openoffice
> having particularly poor SVG support.  A cross link to the Inkscape Wiki
> would provide a much more extensive list of drawing software and SVG
> software, including a lot of proprietary software (which ties back to my
> earlier question asking what is really being promoted).  Maybe it would be
> best to recommend only Inkscape as the recommended editor and direct users
> to the longer list in the Inkscape wiki if they are looking for other
> alternatives.  Notably neither Adobe Illustrator nor Opera are mentioned.
> Opera had SVG support long before Firefox but it is fairly normal for
> Opera to be unintentionally left out of consideration.
> Sincerely
> Alan Horkan
> Inkscape http://inkscape.org
> Abiword http://www.abisource.com
> Open Clip Art http://OpenClipArt.org
> Alan's Diary http://advogato.org/person/AlanHorkan/
> P.S.  In theory I should be able to just edit the wiki but in practice
> revert wars are messy, especially if people aren't clear what the plan is.
> Also Patricia has clearly put a lot of work in and I'd much rather get
> opinions before changing her work without which I wouldnt have noticed
> the page.
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