[Clipart] one step closer to cchost

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Sat Jul 29 10:38:48 PDT 2006

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 07:45:08PM -0400, Roan Horning wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wanted to let everyone know I have a cchost test site that will 
> allow the uploading of svg ( a big thanks goes to Victor Stone for 
> helping me solve a cchost issue with getid3).

Thanks for the update Roan!

> If you'd like to see it in action, please visit : http://ocal.horning.us
> (caveat--I've been experiencing a random crashing of mysql, so if the 
> site is down try back in a little while)
> Register as a user and try uploading a file.

Okay, I've tested it.  Uploading the file returned a blank white screen
with the message, "Down for upgrade, check back soon".  There appears to
be no record of the file.

Also, here's some minor fixes needed, if someone is interested in
working on them:

* On the 'Your page' screen, change:  'any remixes yet' to 'any clipart

* On the Submit Files page, remove the 'Submit a remix' box; I don't
  think that necessarily applies for us.  Yes, someone could "remix"
  clipart into a new image, but there's not really any reason to
  distinguish between such an image and a "regular" one.

* On 'Submit a Clip Art' page
  the 'BPM Tempo' field should be removed.

* When looking at the New Uploads:
  - The thumbnails don't appear (for any image)
  - Clicking on the download button brought up the svg okay
  - Remove the 'I Sampled This' button
  - Remove the 'no one has sampled this' box

* Clicking on the Clip Art tab on the top right, it shows a listing of
  available clipart.  
  - Removed the right column with the 'I Sampled This' links and so
  - Replace with thumbnail(s) of the image

* Remove the 'Remix' tab

> Things to do now:
> * Add write capabilities to the id3 svg module
> * currently if cchost is set to apply only one type of license to an 
> uploaded file, it doesn't show the license being applied on the submit 
> form.  We should have the Public Domain Dedication show up on the form 
> and make people select it, as part of the submission process.
> * have cchost auto-generate a thumbnail of the file
> * add ability to cchost to modify the svg files metadata
> * ...


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