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Patricia patricia.fidi01 at laposte.net
Sun Jul 30 01:58:18 PDT 2006

Hi Florent,
All wikis ask for register. You just have to write your name and email.
You just comme to write more words in you past message.
So as Tobias told you, please add/edit as you want if you want to really
make a contribution.
Here I'm too busy.
Have a good days

Florent Monnier a écrit :
> Hi Patricia,
>> Just come to see on the SVG Tools page that KSVG is already in the
>> libraries list.
> I've seen that KSVG does be in the lib list yet.
> What I was pointing is that KONQUEROR is not in the browser list!
> (Konqueror does have SVG capabilities when one get KSVG installed)
> So maybe someone with an access login to the protected wiki could add konq in 
> the frame "Viewer and Browser Plugins" (and not only in the lib list).
> [http://www.konqueror.org| Konqueror] with its [http://svg.kde.org/| KSVG 
> plugin].
> Florent
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