[Clipart] Migration of old clipart to the cchost site.

Dan Gerhards dan at seansastronomyshop.com
Tue Sep 19 21:20:30 PDT 2006

> ...we cant really create accounts for them.

If the artists want artwork added to their account, they would have to do it 
themselves. There's nothing wrong with that.

> please, any ideas on ways to achieve this will be appreciated!!

An interface that makes sense to me is a "real name" field in the user profile 
with a "claim your artwork" button. The button script would check the real 
name against the metadata and/or the old file names. (The file names had a 
truncated version of the artist's name at the end.) A list of matching 
pictures from the anonymous account would show up, and the artists would be 
asked to confirm that they drew them. Confirming that could disable the "real 
name" field to keep someone from claiming all the anonymous artwork!

You couldn't really abuse this system to get recognition for someone else's 
work because you'd have to use their name too. There's not a lot of reason to 
do this with public domain work anyway.

(Is that the kind of idea you were looking for?)

---Dan Gerhards

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