[Clipart] agglomerator

Jonathan Chetwynd j.chetwynd at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 30 06:29:36 PDT 2008

if agglomerator is of interest to any developers who might help  
develop and improve the code, please contact me, preferably via this  

agglomerator is a short and kludgy php script that searches for svg  
documents in a folder.
it checks if they validate and where necessary converts the filename  
into a title with id and then saves each document found as a symbol in  
a single SVG or svgz file.

this means less http requests, and personal icon vocabularies are easy  
to create, which helps and encourages  re-use. However it does rely on  
SVG1.1 external reference for <use> which is supported by Opera, Amaya  
and Batik, but not Mozilla or Safari to date.

the agglomerator is currently being developed in offline mode, and  
still requires some hand editing of files.
it was successfully trialed in the wild on a few folders including the  
openclipart 'roadsigns' folder:
a UK Crown copyright set:
and some others which can be found at http://www.iconomy.org

It's use might also encourage authoring tool developers to help  
authors re-use content like this:
around 18 symbols that are easily understood or learnt in under 4k  
which includes titles and some metadata.



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