[Clipart] Bulkuploading old Archived Cliparts?

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Wed May 14 13:17:57 PDT 2008

Just a note... I see my name on that list.

I've already re-uploaded mine, so I moved my name to the Deleted/Completed list.
Glad I spotted the instructions there.

Gerald G.

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when I look at the http://openclipart.org/wiki/Authorlist I doubt that all of these images will be uploaded to the new system within reasonable  time. Esp. since there is no teaser on the main page saying "Hey author's please re-upload your image!" And not even a prominent link stating that the archive has moved.

So the next weeks I may find some time writing a bulk uploader. This should not be such a problem, if there is a "low-level" databe interface, or some kind of XMLRPC interface.

Is there a cchost test-system I may use? I do not know cchost and I'm not willing to install it (too much hassle).

Perhaps one of the administrators can contact my privately to discuss this.

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Hartmut Goebel

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