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Greg Bulmash oneminuteinspirations at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 00:43:30 PDT 2009

But those aren't copyright rights.  They're trademark rights or rights 
of publicity.  It's confusing, but it's different than the rights 
relinquished through the public domain dedication.

The wkDesign issue you're bringing up and the celebrity images are two 
totally different things.

And the celebrity images, so long as the copyright issues were 
satisfied, would be a great addition because they could be used 
editorially.  You couldn't create certain types of products that used 
their image, particularly anything that implied an endorsement, but you 
could use them editorially, such as in a blog post.

- Greg

Jarod Russel wrote:
> But still it could be that the uploader is not the owner and then the 
> OCAL user agreement is worth nothing in front of a court. Like we just 
> had it a couple of days ago with images from a celebrity which I 
> reported. The enduser might have done nothing wrong but the trouble and 
> the costs you have to go through are not worth the risk i think.
> Francis Bond schrieb:
>> G'day,
>>> Jan you do missunderstand. This is not a problem of the website. The website
>>> is a public platform. It's not like just 2 or 3 people upload cliparts at
>>> OCAL. Everyone can do it. The person who uploads the images has to agree
>>> that all cliparts uploaded are dedicated to the public domain and therefore
>>> they are. But that is still no guarantee! Mistakes can happen all the time.
>>> The responsability to make sure the images you want to use are really in the
>>> public domain is up to you and not to OCAL.
>> I disagree.   Once someone has loaded something to OCAL then the end
>> user should be able to assume in good faith that they are public
>> domain.  If the uploader didn't really understand the license then
>> that is their problem.
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