[Clipart] Licence

Jarod Russel JarodR at gmx.de
Tue Jul 21 23:39:07 PDT 2009

But still it could be that the uploader is not the owner and then the 
OCAL user agreement is worth nothing in front of a court. Like we just 
had it a couple of days ago with images from a celebrity which I 
reported. The enduser might have done nothing wrong but the trouble and 
the costs you have to go through are not worth the risk i think.

Francis Bond schrieb:
> G'day,
>> Jan you do missunderstand. This is not a problem of the website. The website
>> is a public platform. It's not like just 2 or 3 people upload cliparts at
>> OCAL. Everyone can do it. The person who uploads the images has to agree
>> that all cliparts uploaded are dedicated to the public domain and therefore
>> they are. But that is still no guarantee! Mistakes can happen all the time.
>> The responsability to make sure the images you want to use are really in the
>> public domain is up to you and not to OCAL.
> I disagree.   Once someone has loaded something to OCAL then the end
> user should be able to assume in good faith that they are public
> domain.  If the uploader didn't really understand the license then
> that is their problem.

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