usb stick mount point no being unmounted automatically

H. S. greatexcalibur at
Sun Dec 19 18:27:20 PST 2004


I am using Debian Sarge and kernel 2.6.7. I am trying
to make plugging in and out of a USB stick painless.

I have this rule in my udev rules file:
BUS="usb", KERNEL="sd*", SYSFS{product}="JUMPDRIVE
ELITE", NAME="hs-jd-%k", SYMLINK="hs-jd-usb",
MODE="0660", GROUP="hal"

which combined by this entry in /etc/fstab:
/dev/hs-jd-usb  /media/usbstick auto    rw,user,noauto
 0       0

gives me a /dev/hs-jd-usb device whenever I plug in my
USB stick. And gnome-volume-manager mounts it
automatically using the /etc/fstab entry and gives me
an icon on the Gnome desktop.

However, when I unplug the USb stick, that desktop
icon does not go away and I can also not umount it. I
have to unmount it as root. In other words, unplugging
the USB stick does not seem to initiate unmounting of
it's mount point and making the icon go away.

The only way it works is when I unmount the stick
first and then unplug it. This work even as a normal

This behaviour is new. The mounting and unmounting
(and icon appearance and going away) was working
properly till a few days ago. I upgraded hal and udev
and gnome-volume-manager and that seems to have
changed something.

What am I missing? Why is the stick not being
unmounted upon unplugging?

FYI, here are versions that I am using:
hal                      0.4.2-2
udev                     0.048-2
gnome-volume-manager     1.1.2-4
dbus-1                   0.22-3 
dbus-glib-1              0.22-3 
python2.3-dbus           0.22-3 
discover                 2.0.4-5


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