[Uim] topics around uim

David Oftedal david at start.no
Sun Jun 6 07:16:27 EEST 2004


Thanks for making such an informative status report. Things are looking 
pretty bright for uim...! It's great to hear that there's been so much 
progress with the Qt immodule as well. I guess noone from Trolltech is 
going to be there at GUADEC, but one can always hope!

About GUADEC, by the way... I'm afraid I can't make any promises. I'd 
love to finally be able to meet you both, but I think it might be 
economically impossible for me to go anywhere during the summer holiday, 
even if it's not further than Kristiansand.

In any case I hope you'll both forgive me if I don't make it... I'll try 
to remember to post before I go to Hokkaidou in September, in case we 
get a second chance.

On a happier note, though, I installed SCIM, and it really made me 
curious! I don't understand Chinese, but it seems like they've made an 
effort to provide several forms of Chinese input. It's great to hear 
that you're all cooperating. I guess SCIM deserves a place on my i18n 
howto now. :)

OK, I feel my head is about to reboot... So I'll talk to you all later! 
Oyasumi nasai!


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