[Uim] uim-xim usable for non-Japanese input methods?

David Oftedal david at start.no
Mon Jun 7 02:00:49 EEST 2004

After trying out SCIM, I was delighted by how it works both in XIM and 
GTK+ 2 (even though it needs a helper app to work under GTK+ 2 as well 
as under XIM).

I was wondering if the same couldn't be done with uim-xim though? It's 
been said that uim-xim only works with Japanese input methods, but 
surely this must be an encoding issue more than anything else? So if one 
could add some sort of encoding detection to uim-xim, shouldn't it be 
possible to use input methods such as uim-hangul2 and uim-ipa with it?

Anyway, I don't really understand how uim-xim works, but it would be 
interesting to hear what its issues are.


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