[Uim] How can I use m17nlib with uim?

James Su suzhe at tsinghua.org.cn
Mon Jun 14 02:42:34 EEST 2004

Thank you very much. It's now ok. But I found that m17n support in uim 
is not finished, candidates, preedit and status can not be shown 
correctly :-(

James Su

>>  I just downloaded and installed m17nlib 1.0.2, but the configura 
>>script of uim 0.3.8 can not find it. Could you please tell me which 
>>version of m17nlib should I use? Or is there any further step should I
>1.0.2 is correct. In my environment, shared libraries of m17nlib were
>installed to /usr/lib/ and header files were insalled to
>/usr/local/include (I don't know why such odd thing occured...), but uim
>can find the m17n library.
>I guess the easiest way to solve the problem is configuring m17nlib with
>--prefix=/usr and reinstall them.

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