[Uim] list vs ' in uim-scheme

TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki tkng at xem.jp
Tue Jun 15 07:27:38 EEST 2004

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 01:21:25 -0500
Hiroyuki Komatsu <komatsu at taiyaki.org> wrote:

> What is a difference between list and ' in uim-scheme?
> The following code with list works well in uim-scheme.
>   (set! command-list (list function1 function2 function3))
>   (let ((command (nth 0 command-list)))
>     (command 1 2 3))
> However, the next code with ' does not work.
>   (set! command-list '(function1 function2 function3))
>   (let ((command (nth 0 command-list)))
>     (command 1 2 3))
> Is it a feature?  If so, please let me know the difference.
> Thank you,

 ' is abbreviation of quote, not list. list make new list(This is a
structure of data, not the name of procedure), and arguments of list
will be evaluated when list called. ' means quote, quote doesn't
evaluate it's arguments at all.

For example, 

    (define c (list a b))

doesn't work, but

     (define d '(a b))

works. (I'm assuming that you don't define a and b)

I don't know much about scheme, so that's all I can write. I hope that
will help you.


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