[Uim] Re: [SCIM] Re: Design philosophy and strength of uim

Ken Deeter ktdeeter at alumni.princeton.edu
Sat Jun 26 05:52:37 EEST 2004

> The first picture demonstrates a single process scim xim server. All
> IMengines and a x11 FrontEnd object are running within one process,
> which acts as a xim server. The GUI Panel runs as a separated process.
> The second picture demonstrates a C/S like usage. All real IMEngines
> and a socket FrontEnd object are running within one process, which
> acts as a socket server daemon. A socket IMEngine and a x11 FrontEnd
> object are running within another process, which acts as a xim server
> and get input method services from the first process. A gtk2
> application with scim's gtkimmodule is another client of the first
> process. There is only one GUI Panel process which provides gui
> services for all scim process (including the gtk2 apps with scim's
> gtkimmodule.)

Hi, I just joined the list and I have been doing some writing for the
qt-immodule project.

I think one of the points of the UIM design is that the IM-engines can
run in the same process as the application itself. This is different
from SCIM's model where a separate scim process is always started, even
if you use the XIM front end.

I haven't looked at the scim code yet, but does scim have a client api
or client library that applications can link to, so that each 'client'
(whether it be a bridge to XIM or an immodule for qt or gtk) does not
need to re-implement the socket interface from scratch?

I have been playing with scim and scim-uim and I have to say I am very
impressed. I have a few questions however.

I'm using the X11 front end in KDE, and whenever I input, the pre-edit
buffer appears slightly below where the cursor is. Is this on purpose?
as kinput2 and skkinput (popular Japanese XIM based front ends) always
put the over-the-spot display right where the cursor is so that the
pre-edit looks kind of like it is part of the line.

Also, whether I use it from a gtk2 app via a gtk2 immodule, or a x11
front end, I can only seem to choose between Japanese input methods. Is
this because my locale is set to ja_JP.eucJP? I have scim-tables and
scim-chinese (on gentoo) installed as well, and the scim start up
message looks like it finds them. They show up in the config screen from
the gtk-panel as well. Although I do not write in Chinese well, I would
like to practice, but I can't seem to select it yet ;-)

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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