[Uim] Please review Uim Developer's Document

Yukiko Bando ybando at k6.dion.ne.jp
Mon Jun 28 19:53:08 EEST 2004


On Tuesday 29 June 2004 01:38, yusuke at cherubim.icw.co.jp wrote:
> > > And we can write an uim setup module for scim-setup, if you
> > > want.
> >
> > That sounds great!  I'd love to have it if it's not too much work.
> Uim developers are still investigating on how Japanese input method
> configuration should be done. We already found some configuration
> items that can not be handled within scim's data types and will find
> more.

Okay.  I can wait.  Take your time. 

> Anyway, we thank scim. Uim developers can concentrate on
> Japanese specific problems (Actually there are too many issues to
> solve, investigate and experiment.). For example, we can give low
> priority for fixing our sucky uim-xim.

That sounds good!

I'm feeling sorry for quoting your negative statement about uim-xim in my post 
to Mandrake mailing list.  But my 'tactic' worked!  Hope you are not upset 
about it...

I hope both of you are doing well in Norway.  Looking forward to your 
pictures. :)



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