[Uim] Re: [SCIM] Will SCIM become a part of iiimf project?

Hideki Hiura hiura at openi18n.org
Wed Jun 30 12:53:10 EEST 2004

I just subscribed scim ML alightly after James Cc'ed his reply on
openi18n-im ML to scim ML, but I am very disappointed to see this 
kind of message posted in here.

> From: yusuke at cherubim.icw.co.jp
> it is hard for Japanese input method devlopers to survive under IIIMF. 

You mean

"it is hard for a Japanese input method devloper to survive under IIIMF"?

> Currently, there's no Japanese input method sanely implemented
> under IIIMF.

You declared your statement as if it is the definitive fact but don't
you know It would be very difficult to prove thers's "no" something?

Also you better explain your definition of "sanely".

> *Canna has this problem
>  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=125331
> *ATOK(proprietaly system) always runs with root previldege.
> *IIIMF-SKK exploits infamous bug of linux kernel that we can set
>  user id per thread to store per user data.
> These are the fact and,
> +Probably none can port anthy(Japanese conversion engine I maintain)
>  to IIIMF without losing its maintainablity.

Do you intentionally ignore the fact that IIIMF can also be used
as per user server with UNIX domain socket or INET socket on
localhost with each user's privilege? Or you just didn't know?

> Yes. They are saying for years it's trivial and fixable, only
> some paranoias care.

Can you quote who said what how many years ago?

> Yes! IT IS DEFINITLY UNACCEPTABLE from Japanese input
> mehthod developer point of view. 

You mean 

"Yes! IT IS DEFINITLY UNACCEPTABLE from a Japanese input
mehthod developer point of view."?

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