[Uim] Re: [SCIM] Will SCIM become a part of iiimf project?

yusuke at cherubim.icw.co.jp yusuke at cherubim.icw.co.jp
Wed Jun 30 12:01:27 EEST 2004

More clarification.

To share code, concepts, API, documents between scim,
uim and IIIMF is basically OK. However, it is hard for Japanese
input method devlopers to survive under IIIMF.
(I'd like to say it is impossible. But I can't prove.)
Currently, there's no Japanese input method sanely implemented
under IIIMF.
*Canna has this problem
*ATOK(proprietaly system) always runs with root previldege.
*IIIMF-SKK exploits infamous bug of linux kernel that we can set
 user id per thread to store per user data.
These are the fact and,
+Probably none can port anthy(Japanese conversion engine I maintain)
 to IIIMF without losing its maintainablity.

Yes. They are saying for years it's trivial and fixable, only
some paranoias care. I can't prove they are wrong as I can't
prove that we are mortal.

So, I suggest to let them do their business for a while, and use
their code if there is a nice LE module.

> Hi!
> > Of course Mr. Hideki want all other related projects be merged into 
> > iiimf, but it's definitly not acceptable for the developers of those 
> > projects.
> Yes! IT IS DEFINITLY UNACCEPTABLE from Japanese input
> mehthod developer point of view. Cooperation of scim and uim
> is nearly approaching almost full featured and i18n input
> method input method environment, we will go ahead!

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