[Uim] qt-immodule for uim

kzk mover at hct.zaq.ne.jp
Sun Mar 7 17:23:10 EET 2004


Today, let me introduce qt version of immodule for uim.
Some days ago, I'm very interested in (*1)Daisuke's Qt-immodule project,
which aims to implement the immodule framework equivalent to gtk.
Surprisingly, he has already implemented the core part, so I decided to
create the sample(but useful) module for uim using his framework.

Here my work is.

You can input via Uim to Qt/KDE application by using this
But please notice.
This is only working on the qt-3.1.2 with (*2)Daisuke's patch, very, very 
restricted environment.
I hope his patch is merged into qt3.4....

(*1) : 
(*2) : 


Kazuki Ohta : mover at hct.zaq.ne.jp

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