[Xlibs] Xlib needs to add -lXau to x11.pc

Keith Packard keithp@keithp.com
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 01:26:09 +1030

Around 1 o'clock on Jan 17, "Mike A. Harris" wrote:

> >For systems which don't have library dependencies in the archives, we need 
> >to fix the .pc file so that it includes the libraries and necessary -I 
> >bits.  The stuff in configure.ac is kinda busted, so if someone wants to 
> >take a stab at figuring it all out and fixing it, it would be muchly 
> >appreciated.
> lnxlib.tmpl from XFree86 CVS head will help with that a bit, and 
> it fixes many issues compared to 4.3.0, yet is missing some deps 
> as well, which burn us.

No, no -- it's not that complicated to fix.  The configure scripts are 
almost right; (they have to be for Xlib to build at all).  The pkg-config 
line in configure.ac looks for Xau, but it doesn't add the discovered 
information to the x11.pc file.  The problem is the X11_CFLAGS computed 
include a bunch of garbage, so that needs to be cleaned up before we can 
add the X11_CFLAGS and X11_LIBS to x11.pc.in.  I think that's all we need, 
but I have only glanced at it, and only late at night after a long day at 
the Linux conference.