[Xorg] XComposite, XDamage Extension with Xvideo or GL

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Aug 6 10:45:24 PDT 2004

Around 19 o'clock on Aug 6, "Amir Bukhari" wrote:

> Redirect OpenGL application to backing store pixmap does not work with
> Composite Extension (in Manual Mode) (Xserver always draw).

Correct.  Fixing GLX to draw to off-screen memory will require additional 

> Xvideo uses the overlay feature of the video cards to draw the video on the
> screen, which bring trouble with composite extension. I heared there is a
> discussion about how to get Xvideo to work with Composite extension, is that
> right?

For simple decoration and animation hacks, the overlays will "work", but 
for more sophisticated manipulation, the drivers need to be modified to 
use the 3D texturing engine to convert the YUV image to RGB data in the 
off-screen pixmap.  The kdrive-based Xati server demonstrates how to do 
that for R128 and R100 hardware.

The XFree86-based Matrox driver has code to use the texture engine, but 
will need a modest amount of work to make it support Composite correctly.


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