[Xorg] Matrox MGA G550 AGP, dueahead with 2 CRT

fyzik fyzik at amu.cz
Wed Aug 25 08:38:24 PDT 2004

Dear X-Org Developers,

I am using Gentoo Linux with  xorg-x11 version .
I have a Matrox MGA G550 AGP with two CTR monitors AOC Spectrum 7Glr.

The main bug I have observed is the frequency settign on the second 
monitor. (The first one behaves well)
Upon start, the 1st monitor is set correctly to 1280x1024 at H-80kHz and 
The second one is set out of limits specified in XF86Config, even though 
both the monitor sections in the config (and the monitors themselves) 
are identical.

If I play with the setting in the config, there are some changes in the 
monitor setting upon restart, however they only roughly correspond to 
what I've set in the config file (i.e. I specify 75 kHz , it still runs 
at 82, I set max 65 and it runs at 60, etc).

If I download the binary driver for Linux from the matrox.com sitte and 
I replace it, both the monitors behave as set in the config file, but 
the monitors are swapped with respect to the xorg driver.

hope it helps with the development :)

and thank you guys for developing the X


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