[Xorg] OpenBSD/amd64 test report

Matthieu Herrb matthieu.herrb at laas.fr
Fri Aug 27 13:13:06 PDT 2004

Name: Matthieu Herrb
OS: OpenBSD 3.6 
Architecture: AMD64
Version: CVS HEAD as of Aug 26

A.  build.

DoLoadableServer is always NO.

- empty host.def

build - OK
install - OK

- BuildServersOnly YES

build - OK 
install - fails, because mkfontscale is not built.

B. Run

OK as far as I can see (nv driver) without composite extension. 

With composite extension:

OK with and without xcompmgr on a via chipset at depth 24

problems (artefacts) with compmgr running, OK without.

C. Conformance 

Need to edit xsuite/xtest/tetbuild.cfg -> XP_DEFINES= -DUNIXCONN -DCSRG_BASED
to build the test suite, and fix the >& in xreg to run it...

results for 24+32bpp, same at other depths:

Compared with typical results, the following diffs were found:
--- /local/build/xtest/results/tmp.30908        Fri Aug 27 21:36:07 2004
+++ /local/build/xtest/results/xtest.24+32bpp.20040827.211356.summary   Fri Aug 
27 21:36:07 2004
@@ -1,14 +1,4 @@
-Tests for XDrawArc: Test  42:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArc: Test  63:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArc: Test  66:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArc: Test  73:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArcs: Test  45:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArcs: Test  66:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArcs: Test  69:  FAIL
-Tests for XDrawArcs: Test  76:  FAIL
-Tests for XLoadQueryFont: Test   1:  FAIL
-Tests for XListFontsWithInfo: Test   3:  FAIL
-Tests for XListFontsWithInfo: Test   4:  FAIL
-Tests for XQueryFont: Test   1:  FAIL
-Tests for XQueryFont: Test   2:  FAIL
-Tests for XWriteBitmapFile: Test   3:  FAIL
+Tests for XMinCmapsOfScreen: Test   1:  FAIL
+Tests for MinCmapsOfScreen: Test   1:  FAIL
+Tests for XChangeWindowAttributes: Test   3:  FAIL
+Tests for XSetWindowBackground: Test   2:  FAIL

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