[Xorg] xcompmgr and Gnome

Cameron hiryu at audioseek.net
Fri Aug 27 14:31:27 PDT 2004


In Gnome, at least for Linux and FreeBSD, starting xcompmgr makes it so
windows can be placed over the menu on the top of the desktop and the
taskbar (the bar at the bottom of the gnome desktop). Where as before
starting xcompmgr this cannot and does not occur. Maximizing windows
takes up the whole screen rather than the maximized window being between
the 2 bars which is how it's meant to work.

Quitting xcompmgr does not fix the problem. The Xorg xserver must be

I was also unable to rename desktop icons on Gnome. I would select
rename and the icon  text would be highlighted, but the text would only
enter into a gaim window no matter how much I selected and reselected
the icon on my desktop. Quitting xcompmgr did fix this problem.

Under KDE, windows still respect the taskbar at the bottom of the
screen. Don't know about desktop icons in KDE (yet).

Should this be entered into bugzilla?



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