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Paulo Jorge O. C. Matos pocm at netvisao.pt
Tue Aug 31 17:44:11 PDT 2004

Hamie wrote:
> What's the chance of having a page on the XOrg (Or freedesktop.org) 
> websites that lists the different cards supported by the XOrg server and 
> their performance with glxgears or some easy to run benchmark under Linux?

That would be extremely nice, however, it would be hard to 
benchmark correctly all video cards supported. AFAIK glxgears 
FPSs also depends on the CPU and available RAM so, you'd have to 
test all the cards on a single PC to have a nice and correct 

Correct if I'm wrong.


Paulo J. Matos

> That way people getting burnt by lackluster support from vendors should 
> possibly be lessened...
> Hamish.
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