XOrg - Cards & their Performance...

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Aug 31 18:49:17 PDT 2004

> > What's the chance of having a page on the XOrg (Or freedesktop.org)
> > websites that lists the different cards supported by the XOrg server and
> > their performance with glxgears or some easy to run benchmark under Linux?
> >
> That would be extremely nice, however, it would be hard to
> benchmark correctly all video cards supported. AFAIK glxgears
> FPSs also depends on the CPU and available RAM so, you'd have to
> test all the cards on a single PC to have a nice and correct
> benchmark.

It shouldn't be too hard to collect the hardware stats to make meaningful

CPU type, speed, amount and speed of cache, video and main memory.  It shouldn't
be too hard for a program to gather the stats and submit to a server
automatically.  Perhaps even make it an option of the install program, or
something that makes it super simple for 1000's of installations to submit

Then a vehix.com like site where a person can enter what they do have and see
what configurations will give them a speedy system.  For instance, if have a
P2-400, 128 meg, S3 Savage 4, I would like to see what the stats would be for a
(P3-550, 128, S3), or upgrade the memory, or just the card.  Wouldn't be too
hard to add in some price factors and I could figure out what the best way to
spend $100.

OK, that seems like a good start of a spec.  Is this something that could be
given a wiki page so it can be fleshed out?

Carl K

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