[avahi] avahi build problems

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu May 4 16:14:47 PDT 2006

On Thu, 04.05.06 23:57, Zé (mmodem00 at gmail.com) wrote:

> > Try this:
> >
> >     ./autogen --disable-qt4

> Things cant be done like this since qt4 is as a condition, if qt4 is on system 
> then will build with qt4

Mhmm, I can't say I understand fully what exactly you try to do and
where your problem lies. But in case you want to run the autotools
stuff and the configure invocation separately: simply pass
NOCONFIGURE=1 as environment variable to autogen.sh and it
will refrain from calling configure automatically:

     NOCONFIGURE=1 ./autogen.sh

This is mostly the same as calling libtoolize, aclocal, autoconf,
autoheader, automake (in this order).

> Ill paste here the part of spec regarding configure and make:


I am sorry, but I have no experience with RPM. I am a Debian guy and
can't tell you anything about how to write RPM spec files.


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